Clay Hunt VR

#1 shotgun shooting simulator from mobile is now available in virtual reality with Meta Quest!


Clay Hunt VR brings the fun of shotgun sports to your Meta Quest! Clay Hunt VR is a great training tool for all shooters but especially for beginner shooters who can learn safely in VR. It's great for clubs and shooting teams who need indoor and offsite training in addition to real world training. Choose from international & American Skeet & Trap, Sporting Clays, Pheasant Drives, Pigeon Hunt and more! The game has multiplayer for up to 5 players so you can go busting clays or hunting bird together with your friends.


User Reviews

Love this game, I saw an advert for it on Facebook and it was the sole reason I bought the quest headset. It does not disappoint. The physics feel spot on and the amount of disciplines available is wide ranging, everything from trap clays to sporting and even game shooting. The newly added multiplayer function takes it to a new level, waiting for your turn and watching the rest of the line taking their shot is awesome, and really builds the tension if it is a close round.

I'm a clay shooter and up to now there has been nothing on the quest like this. You get a real sense of shooting and I can honestly say I think it will help my shooting. I like the way you have to lead the targets and you also get feedback to where you may have been behind/Infront. For the price of the game I would easily spend this on cartridges so money well spent!!

Within a week of buying this I shot the best round of sporting clays I've ever shot.


Shoot more in Virtual Reality

Clay Hunt VR has game modes for all skill levels. Get started with the beginner difficulty with slower targets and more forgiving hit recognition. Move up to the professional difficulty with accurate physics & target speeds.

Clay Hunt VR is a great coaching tool as the screen can be cast live to another device like a big screen TV, tablet, phone, basically anything you can cast a video to. Thus, coaches can view, monitor, and correct issues while the student shooter is in VR. When used in gun stock mode with a stock like the Real Stock Pro, coaches can also monitor mounting, cheek weld, swing, and other important factors in teaching student's proper shotgun technique. For the average shooter it's a great way to practice between trips to the club. Practice whenever you want in the convenience of your own home. No need to buy shells, pay range fees, just turn it on and shoot.

In the app the user may custom tailor a large number of variables for the gun, from High Rib to Low rib, Point of Impact can be adjusted, Chokes tubes selected, types of guns from over under, autoloader, side by side, and pump. Gun fit can also be adjusted in the app to perfectly match the sight picture you get with your real-world guns.

For clay competitors Clay Hunt VR accurately reproduces the flight path and speed of International Skeet and Trap, American Skeet and Trap, multiple Sporting clays courses.

For hunters Clay Hunt VR simulates European Pheasant Drives and pigeon hunts.

Competitors can shoot and practice together with live virtual reality avatars and audio over the internet. Thus, two shooters do not need not be in the same room much less country. Whant to shoot with your friends, then cast to the TV and take turns so each can see the round as its shot.


Available in the App Lab

You can purchase Clay Hunt VR from the Oculus Store. Find more detailed information and user reviews on the store page!


Can't find the app? Clay Hunt VR is still in App Lab, so you need to use the link here or in the Oculus app, search "clay hunt vr" and then in the bottom of the results, press a button to reveal the App Lab app.



Clay Hunt VR is currently available for Meta Quest 1 & 2 (starting $399). No other equipment is required to play the game! Meta Quest (previously known as Oculus Quest) is an amazing entertainment system for the whole family. Enjoy travel videos, play exciting games, do fitness, socialize in virtual reality and of course go shooting in Clay Hunt VR and other shooting games.

Optionally you can purchase a gun stock accessory for a more realistic feel. We recommend the amazing Real Stock Pro from TextureVR.


Join the Clay Hunt VR Community

Follow the development of the game in the Clay Hunt VR Facebook group. Join also the community Discord channel where you can chat with other players and participate on competitions and find friends to play with.


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