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Based in Helsinki, Finland

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12 December, 2018

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Duckz! is a casual duck hunting game with unique timing based FPS gameplay: Aiming is automatic, just tap to shoot! The trick is that you need to lead the bird. Under the hood Duckz! uses the shotgun shooting physics engine from the Clay Hunt PRO. In addition to English version Duckz! is localized to French, Italy, Spanish and Finnish. Duck season is open and so is the traditional duck fest! Help the cook feed hungry villagers by hunting ducks and completing missions. The best part of course is that you’ll get to buy new guns and unlock new shooting spots with your earnings. How about going hunting with an automatic shotgun? Duckz! reimagines the classic duck hunt as unique first person shooting game you can play everywhere! Aiming is automatic, just tap to shoot! To make the game interesting, Duckz! features accurate shot string physics used also in Clay Hunt PRO - the most realistic shotgun shooting simulator available for mobile. So you'll have to lead the bird as you would in real life! So grab your new pump action shotgun and get hunting with the help of the towns duck hunt specialist!


The development of Duckz! started in the beginning of 2018 and was partly funded by AVEK.


  • Unique timing based first person shooting gameplay
  • Just tap to shoot, but mind the lead!
  • Easy gameplay, realistic shooting physics
  • Unlock new hunting spots
  • Buy new guns: How about going hunting with an automatic shotgun?


Duckz! Announcement video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (7MB)


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About Shotgun Gaming Oy

Shotgun Gaming is a gaming company with focus on making shotgun shooting games for iOS and Android. Shotgun Gaming is set out to: 1) Offer a range of mobile shotgun shooting games from simulators to more casual games for wider audience. 2) Create an competitive online community for shotgun shooting enthusiast. Shotgun Gaming is mostly known for it's Clay Hunt games (with over 5 million downloads). Shotgun Gaming was founded in 2017 but continues work of Aleksi Rantonen started already in late 2009.

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Duckz! Credits

Aleksi Rantonen
Design, Development, Marketing

Andriy Moroz
Game Artist, Character design

Scienart Media
SFX, Music

Tuomas Rantonen, Aku Mykkänen, Matti-Pekka Sivosuo
Adviser Board

Eemeli Rantonen, Paula Kostet, Linda Pukka, Lenni Rantonen, Alfred Turunen, Taneli Rantonen, Ville Parjanen, Markus Sederholm, MOW Stargate
Special Thanks

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks