Shotgun Gaming Oy
Based in Helsinki, Finland

Release date:
8 Nov, 2021

Oculus Quest


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Clay Hunt VR is the first shotgun shooting simulator for Oculus Quest. The game offers various game modes: Trap, Double Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and live bird hunting. With this title, the physics are even more accurate making it possible for shooters to better prepare themselves for competitions or train targets difficult for them.


Over the years, millions of players have enjoyed Clay Hunt games and with Oculus Quest headset it was finally possible to bring the game to virtual reality.


  • Shot string physics are accurately simulated so that you can practice your leads and target acquisition with this game.
  • SKEET: shoot single targets rounds, international skeet with double targets, practice a specific station and all new infinite skeet mode with leaderboards!
  • TRAP: Olympic trap and Double Trap are supported along with infinite game mode.
  • SPORTING CLAYS: 20 quick challenges to beat and a full course with 60 targets.
  • PIGEON HUNT: Super popular pigeon hunt from Clay Hunt PRO is now in VR!
  • GUN RANGE: Practise shotgun handling with stationary targets in this tutorial mode.


Clay Hunt VR trailer video YouTube


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About Shotgun Gaming Oy

Shotgun Gaming is a gaming company with focus on making shotgun shooting games for iOS and Android. Shotgun Gaming is set out to: 1) Offer a range of mobile shotgun shooting games from simulators to more casual games for wider audience. 2) Create an competitive online community for shotgun shooting enthusiast. Shotgun Gaming is mostly known for it's Clay Hunt games (with over 5 million downloads). Shotgun Gaming was founded in 2017 but continues work of Aleksi Rantonen started already in late 2009.

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Clay Hunt VR Credits

Aleksi Rantonen
Design, Development, Marketing

Thomas West
Special thanks for the expert feedback

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