Shotgun Gaming Oy
Based in Helsinki, Finland

Founding date:
August 1, 2017


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Shotgun Gaming is a gaming company with focus on making shotgun shooting games for iOS and Android. Shotgun Gaming is set out to: 1) Offer a range of mobile shotgun shooting games from simulators to more casual games for wider audience. 2) Create an competitive online community for shotgun shooting enthusiast. Shotgun Gaming is mostly known for it's Clay Hunt games (with over 5 million downloads). Shotgun Gaming was founded in 2017 but continues work of Aleksi Rantonen started already in late 2009.


Clay Hunt

Clay Hunt was the first title released by Aleksi Rantonen (founder of Shotgun Gaming). Clay Hunt was featured in the "Games we're playing" category. Clay Hunt is a globally successful shotgun shooting game with over five million downloads since the release of the original version back in 2009. Many shotgun shooting enthusiasts and professionals have considered Clay Hunt the most authentic shooting game app available. As a testimony for it, it was widely used as a training tool for target acquisition. There’s a paid and free ad sponsored version of the game available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Core Archery

Core Archery is the second title from Aleksi Rantonen released in 2015 and loved by archery enthusiasts for the unique take on simulating archery on a touchscreen device. To succeed in the game, player is required to have similar concentration as in the real archery. Core Archery is available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Clay Hunt PRO

Released in May 2017, Clay Hunt PRO brought the simulation aspect of Clay Hunt further and introduced live events where players could compete in monthly cups. Clay Hunt PRO introduced a new kind of FPS touch controls allowing fast paced clay shooting and bird hunting in mobile devices. The game has sold over 20k copies and is still top 100 paid app in US (Dec 2018).

Clay Hunt START

Clay Hunt START was released in November 2018 and let's players to try the Clay Hunt PRO for free.


Shotgun Gaming Oy has been creating a new duck hunting game called Duckz! for the year 2018. Project is party funded by AVEK and the official global release date is 12th December 2018.

Clay Hunt VR

November 2021 Shotgun Gaming released it's first VR title: Clay Hunt VR. It brings the realistic game play of Clay Hunt to the Meta Quest headset. Find more information in



Duckz! announcement trailer YouTube

Clay Hunt START trailer YouTube

Clay Hunt PRO trailer YouTube

Clay Hunt VR trailer YouTube


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