#1 shotgun shooting simulator from mobile is now available in amazing Oculus Quest experience! Bust clay pigeons in skeet, trap, double trap and sporting clays. Go hunting pigeons with your trusty pump action shotgun.


  • Shot string physics are accurately simulated so that you can practice your leads and target acquisition with this game.
  • SKEET: shoot single targets rounds, international skeet with double targets, practice a specific station and all new infinite skeet mode with leaderboards!
  • TRAP: Olympic trap and Double Trap are supported along with infinite game mode.
  • SPORTING CLAYS: 20 quick challenges to beat and a full course with 60 targets.
  • PIGEON HUNT: Super popular pigeon hunt from Clay Hunt PRO is now in VR!
  • GUN RANGE: Practise shotgun handling with stationary targets in this tutorial mode.

User Reviews

I shoot sporting clays and Skeet at a competitive level This game is one of the most realistic shooting games I’ve tried Ok there’s no gun weight or recoil or the feeling of using a real life shotgun But for reading the targets and leading the targets It’s as close as it will get

I'm a clay shooter and up to now there has been nothing on the quest like this. You get a real sense of shooting and I can honestly say I think it will help my shooting. I like the way you have to lead the targets and you also get feedback to where you may have been behind/Infront. For the price of the game I would easily spend this on cartridges so money well spent!!

Available for Oculus Quest in the App Lab

Clay Hunt VR is available for Oculus Quest (1 or 2). The game is played with the controllers that come with the headset, so Oculus Quest is the only requirement.

Find more information about the headset from the official website.

Purchase Clay Hunt VR from the App Lab.

As the game is still on App Lab and if you want the purchase the game in the headset, you need to search specifically "clay hunt vr" and then choose to display the app lab content.